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2019-07-19 20:14:39

For me, there's nothing better than throwing on a printed dress that you've had in your wardrobe in anticipation of that summer holiday or hot London summer's day. Just add barely there sandals or a pair or chunky boots and you're ready for anything. It makes me feel cool, confident and sexy. But the printed dress is also one of the hardest items of clothing to pull off. As bold, eccentric and different as it may make you look and feel, it can also be the epitome of awkwardness. And — in the case of the viral polka dot dress — sameness. The dread of standing next to someone on the tube in the exact same (let's be honest, very distinctive) dress needs a whole array of emoji that words can not express.

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So if you're craving to break away from the pack mentality and you want to harness your individuality, here is Vogue's edit of designer print dresses that are guaranteed to make a statement and let you stand out from the crowd for all of the right reasons. And, they also happen to be on sale:

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