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2019-10-19 21:17:17

The Johnsons on ABC's black-ish may not consulted this year's list of the most popular Halloween costumes, but that doesn't mean they don't have some epic ideas brewing. After last year's homage to Black Panther, Rainbow, Dre, and the family can't quite agree on a family costume. While I'm all for family unity, their lack of decisiveness means one thing: more costumes individuality. First up, the family dressed as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

Our family pride themselves on staying on trend for their Halloween costumes, black-ish executive producer and showrunner Courtney Lilly tells Glamour. The live-action Aladdin was such a big hit this year, it was an easy pick.

Lilly says Dre and Bow are still a couple very much in love after some bumps in the road, so it was important to see them as a classic Disney prince and princess. But perhaps best of all is little Devante as the Genie. A top-knot and goatee on that sweet baby? Lilly says. It’s like we rubbed a lamp and wished for cuteness.


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