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2019-11-12 01:08:42

Kim Kardashian, you are a mastermind! In 2016, the reality star shared a photo on Twitter of her RED CARPET CLEAVAGE SECRET, which was a little trick she used to push her boobs up with gaffer's tape (which is essentially duct tape without the sticky residue). Fast forward to 2019 at the peak of her Skims shapewear line, and the 39-year-old entrepreneur has developed a perfectly designed product that does the same exact thing, except this is made to be used on people's bodies. On Nov. 14, Skims is launching Body Tape and Pasties, available in three different colorways each: sandstone, tigers eye, and smokey quartz.

The Skims Body Tape is waterproof, sweatproof, and designed to adhere to your body for 12 hours. This material is super soft, and super stretchy, but not too stretchy because you want it to hold, Kim said in a video on Twitter. It's the perfect amount of stretch. I've been working on this for a really long time and I've never seen it in different shades before. One roll of the tape is 45 feet long, and it will retail for $36 per roll.

The Skims Pasties are also ideal for nipple coverage, but unlike the typical pasties on the market already, these are in a teardrop shape created to slightly lift your boob while applying it. Just like the tape, these are waterproof and sweatproof and will stick to your body for up to 12 hours. Once you put this on your nipple, it has a little padding, and you cannot see this through anything, Kim said in another video. It's the softest fabric and it does not rip off your skin. I think that's the most important thing. Once you put it on your nipple you lift it and this little teardrop gives this mini boob lift effect without going as hardcore as the tape might. A pack of 10 pasties (five pairs) is available for $12.

As someone who has absolutely dabbled in the duct tape/gaffer's tape hack for a low-cut dress, I could not be more excited for this genius solution. Kim, you have done it again! Check out the photos of the Skims Body Tape and Pasties ahead, and make sure to shop the Style Solutions products when they release on Nov. 14.

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