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2019-12-02 22:44:35

As someone who writes about things you should be adding to cart, and happens to sit riiight next to the Glamour beauty team, I’m lucky enough to test out some of the most talked about skin care products on the market (read: the Tatchas and Tata Harpers of the world).

Other than, you know, great skin, the outcome of said exposure is that I’ve developed an obsession with the luxury skin care products you'd find at places like Violet Grey and SkinStore—and as much as I'd like to buy them whenever I want, I'd rather wait to get them on sale because, you know...bills and such.

Enter Cyber Week 2019. While it's mostly known as the day to buy the best tech on Amazon, I see it as the perfect time to load up on Cyber Monday luxury beauty deals. I'm talking about the skin care products you actually use until the very last drop. The ones that are actually worth the full-price tag—except today. Ahead, check out the 11 Cyber Monday luxury beauty deals you'll regret not taking advantage of.

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